Lynsay and Ross Lockdown Proposal Ring

Meet the couple that got engaged during lockdown – Lynsay and Ross!

As the entire world seemed to grind to a halt for a little while, life suddenly became very different for the majority of us couples. While some were forced to spend months on end without one another, others had to find ways to stay sane while being cooped up together day after day. Despite its tough moments, however, lockdown also proved to be a bonding experience that brought many couples closer together. It might come as a surprise to some, but jewellers across the UK reported a surge in engagement ring requests during lockdown – as the ‘lockdown proposal’ quickly became a full-on trend!

One of the couples that got creative with an at-home proposal is Lynsay and Ross, who got engaged when strict lockdown regulations were still in full force. Want to know who popped the big question and how it happened? Then be sure to read the full story below!

How We Met!

Ross and I met almost 3 years ago when I started as an Information Manager for an Engineering Consultancy in Glasgow. Ross had been with the business 2 years prior as a Mechanical Engineer and we were both to work on the same project, which is where the first conversations took place.

One of my responsibilities is to quality check documentation for our clients and having checked Ross’s work for 3 years, I take it as a compliment that he still wants to marry me! Ross and I moved in together in 2018 with a shared love of good gin, exercise and animals (particularly primates). We went on to buy our forever home in Prestwick, South Ayrshire in July 2019.

Lynsay and Ross Lockdown Proposal

Our Lockdown Proposal!

Ross is a full-blown monkey / ape fanatic and it has become a tradition that any of our friends who have babies will receive a monkey soft toy from us. When Ross (finally) proposed it did not surprise me that he included his favourite animal.

On the day of my lockdown birthday, Ross instructed me to remain upstairs while he did some preparations, eventually he called me down… I saw bunting, balloons and 4 primate toys sitting on the sofa holding objects wrapped up in tissue paper. He said ‘there is a subtle theme’.

Monkey 1 was holding a bottle of “Old” Pulteney Whiskey.

Monkey 2 was holding a “New” bottle of Rock Rose Spring Edition Gin.

Monkey 3 was in fact a “Borrowed “soft toy holding a Rock Rose Cocktail Recipe Book.

Monkey 4 was holding a “Blue” original edition bottle of Rock Rose Gin with the caption “Will you be Mrs G?”.

Lynsay and Ross Lockdown Proposal Set-Up

I stood in shock and silence for what seemed like forever and asked, was it a joke? Ross had never really shown any interest in getting married, at all. It didn’t even occur to me that he was planning to propose. He played his best poker face for all my boulder sized hints.

Lynsay and Ross Lockdown Proposal Ring

We wish Lynsay and Ross all the best as they start on this new chapter as a newly-engaged couple! While there’s no denying that these are tough times, it’s nice to see that good things are still happening everywhere around us.

What do you think of this adorable lockdown proposal?

Did you or do you know anyone who got engaged during lockdown? Then be sure to send us an email on as we would love to share your story!

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